Maryann Petri, author of Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough

Dismantling Family Court Corruption

      Once a Registered Nurse with a happy family, I soon found myself fending off back to back accusations of Child Abuse while losing my children to a biased Family Court system which eventually led to Parental Alienation. I became a Pro Se Litigant appealing to Superior Court with a victory that proved life saving.


Dismantling Family Court Corruption

Available Now March 26, 2020

Review of Dismantling Family Court Corruption —Melanie Davis, Best Selling Author of the Triumph Series

Family Court has become highly profitable business. In courtrooms across this nation, children are being torn away and isolated from their father or mother as they become pawns in a game designed to keep parent’s fighting, and money flowing. Today, a narcissistic, abusive parent can easily use the “justice system” to punish, torment and alienate the target parent. CPS workers frequently use their power to enable such abuse, as their opinions are treated as scientific conclusions during trials where the alienated parent finds his or herself disparaged and maligned without evidence to back up such attacks other than the observations of these case workers. 

Maryann Petri’s story is a critical example revealing the truthabout Family Court corruption. It is a must-read for anyone going through such legal oppression, both to validate their suffering and to provide tools with which to fight back, as Maryann teaches what she has learned.  Dismantling Family Court Corruption: Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough tells the story of Maryann’s journey, providing essential “Takeaways” throughout which conveys to the reader the wisdom she gained which can empower them to be stronger, more resilient and more successful in the midst of their own Family Court battles. As a Pro Se, Maryann has a better record than most attorneys, winning two cases in Superior Court.

Dismantling Family Court Corruption is also an essential book to demonstrate how easily and effectively Family Law professionals are able to exploit the contention of parents, andproves the utter lack of oversight to prevent such abuse. Maryann’s story is not unique; she is one of thousands whose tragedies have brought to the forefront the new psychological term: Parental Alienation. 

While painful to read, Maryann’s story is fast-paced and provides many moments of humor and hope as she recounts courtroom experiences and what it was like being sent to jail, a real-life debtor’s prison. Sitting in the holding cell, she used the acoustics of the cement walls to ring with beautiful music that even the guards stopped to admire. At only    pages, it is an approachable book which can serve as one of the most important resources for raising awareness and starting conversations about Family Law Corruption and the reality of Parental Alienation. Maryann observes, “Although my story is ultimately tragic, as I lost my children to the beastly system, I can find purpose and meaning in what I have gone through. I hope that my book will serve to indict the system which broke (figuratively and financially) and damaged my family so that changes will be made to prevent such false accusations, extortion and persecution in the future.”

Maryann Petri is a first-hand-experience, leading expert on the issue of Family Court corruption. She is at the forefront of the movement to stop this abuse and has a website, blog and podcast which can be found at

Best Selling author, Melanie Davis, of the Triumph Series


Family Court Corruption